The Best Pizza Base

After much trial and error this is the Best Pizza dough recipe EVER.

Well its easy, reliable and always turns out perfect.

So here we go.....

I use a Bread maker to make my pizza dough.

Takes about 45 minutes and I normally make 2 Family size, 1 Large size (a little thicker) and two Small for the kids.

You need the following into the bread mixer bowl in this order.

  1. 300 mls of water

  2. 2 Table spoons of Olive oil

  3. 1 Teaspoon of Salt

  4. 1 Teaspoon of Sugar

  5. 500 Grams of OO Flour (very important to find and use OO flour)

  6. 2 Teaspoons of active dry yeast (I keep mine in the fridge)

Put Bread maker onto pizza setting.

When its ready remove from bowl onto OO floured bench

Form into a large ball

Cover with a tea towel, and go do something else

3 hours before you want cook knock back the dough (smack all the air out and form it into a ball

Divide the ball into 4

On a OO floured bench

Make each piece into a nice round ball (Use a little OO flour if needed)

Cover with a tea towel

Go do something else

1-2 hour before you want to prepare the pizzas for the oven

Gentle gentle gentle form your dough balls into the perfect pizza base.

I normally work from the inside and work out using my fingers to form the perfect pizza base and leaving a nice un squashed outer edge that will puff up and create the perfect a crust.

Look you can use a rolling pin but I prefer to do it my hand for that authentic look.

I found this video the best.

I do it this way except for the around the back shoulder roll trick! I dont do that bit.........


Dont put too much on your Pizza base...... Less is more and will turn out much better

250 degrees approx 8 mins.

I hope you enjoy

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